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Google Input Tools for Windows

Google is the very leading company in today’s generation, google always want to solve all different type of problem regarding the technology that they provide to the user and in this, they are enhancing user experience also.

They are daily come with many useful tools that we are regularly discussing here on my site AbhiTech.

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What is google input tools?

Google input tool is a very useful tool published by google for short out the typing problem in PC. It provides a feature by we type our text in any language and it converts to the desired language by own.
Google input tools support nearly 80 languages by which you can use to convert your content/text in any of these languages.

How to install google input tools in windows?

There are mainly 2 ways to use this tool. 
  • You can simply use this tool online by going on the official link and you convert your text/content to other languages. Click below to open it online: 
  • Download google input tools and install them in your windows and use anywhere while typing your content.

Add chrome extension in your PC

You can also use the chrome extension of google input tool by which you can use it inside the chrome app link in the search bar, google docs, online post writing, etc. To download the chrome extension of the google input tool for your PC, click the above button.

Download Google Input Software

Google officially close this feature to use this tool offline in all location of your PC but some old version supports and people are using this trick.
To use this tool offline and everywhere in your PC we need to download this software and install it on your PC. It helps to access all applications on your PC. To download it click below.

Filename:  GoogleInputToolsHindi.exeFile Size:    9.17 MBOwner:       Google 

Benefits after installing this google input tools in your PC

The main benefit if you want to convert your text in another language you don’t need to open Google translator again and again. You just type your content in your own language and this software converts your typed text in another language that you want.

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