Best 10 Survey Sites in India that Really Pays

Hello Friends,  Welcome to this post which is about Earn money through Surveys. As you know, earning money is very important in today’s era. And we are daily searching about this on the web. As I posted a previous post about Make Money Online From Home Without Investment So, Today, I shall discuss how to earn … Read more

How to check if a Processor is bad?

Check your Processor: The processor of your computer is sometimes referred to as the “CPU.” It is the device inside your terminal that performs computer programs. When your processor flunks, you face major computer problems. However, the processors of your computer do not fail straight-out; there might be some other issues that disrupt its performance. … Read more

How to Clean an Inkjet Printer

You can solve many minor problems by keep your inkjet printer clean. For instance, you can sustain print quality and prolong its longevity. There is a thin white line over printouts that say that the ink nozzles require cleaning. Instructions Clean up the Outer Case: Just gather the supplies you require. A Cleaning fluid especially … Read more