How to Clean an Inkjet Printer

You can solve many minor problems by keep your inkjet printer clean. For instance, you can sustain print quality and prolong its longevity. There is a thin white line over printouts that say that the ink nozzles require cleaning.


Clean up the Outer Case:

  • Just gather the supplies you require. A Cleaning fluid especially made for plastic and a soft cloth. You can also use water to clean as it is okay in most cases.
  • Check the manual of the printer. If you see that the manufacturer has provided some specific instructions, just follow them.
  • Switch off the printer.
  • Wet the cloth with cleaning fluid or water.
  • Wipe the outer area of the printer, ensuring that no fluid enters inside.

Clean Ink Nozzles or Cartridges:

  • Use the cleanup buttons if it is there on your printer.
  • Execute cleaning by the printer software.
  • Open up the printer software by clicking twice on a printer icon or open up a document, and then choose Print given in the File menu.
  • Hit a button labeled options, Clean Print Cartridges, Troubleshooting, Toolbox, Printer Utilities or something alike. (Note-It differs by manufacturer).
  • Now, hit a button marked Head Cleaning, Clean Print Cartridges, Run Nozzle Check or something alike to start the process.
  • Follow the instructions appearing on your screen.
  • If the results are not pleasing, just repeat the cleaning process.

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