Best 10 Survey Sites in India that Really Pays

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Welcome to this post which is about Earn money through Surveys. As you know, earning money is very important in today’s era. And we are daily searching about this on the web.
As I posted a previous post about Make Money Online From Home Without Investment So, Today, I shall discuss how to earn money from taking part in a survey. And also discuss top tricks and tips to complete any survey.
First I talk about a very intersecting question that “What is Survey and Why it will pay you ?”., best paying survey sites, earn money through surveys
Earn money through Surveys

What is Survey and Why it will pay you?  

In today Era Research and Development is a huge working sector and most paying sector in all. So many top companies want an audience, users reviews of their products that are used by costumers.
For this company starts a paid survey and takes reviews, opinions about his services that they provide to the customer.

Many third-party survey websites like Global Test MarketSurvey Monkey perform a survey for many companies and companies get paid to survey sites and users of that survey site who participate in a survey, receive some Reward in form of coupon, rewards, and so much other.

What Type Data Collected by a Survey?

Survey sites collect many types of data about your daily experiences about products that you use in daily life. Some of the general information like your name, DOB, address, your interests, etc. which are used for evaluation of data collected during the survey.
These sites are not collect any other type of your personal data like your account detail, mobile number, etc. If any other site asks for these data so don’t use that sites.  

How Much You Earn from Survey

As they talk about earning by taking a survey that is totally not fixed, this is a flexible thing that means this depends upon many factors like how are your demographic profile, your occupations, and the number of survey sites you will register in.

But there are some tips and tricks for taking a survey that will improve your success rate by completing any survey and get money. In this post, I shall also share top tricks regard taking the survey which helps any beginner to start taking a survey and earn a good amount of money.
There is an average earning status on which we will talk. So, if we take part in one top survey site that is mention below then your monthly earning maybe 1000 to 1500 ₹ per month but when you take part in many survey site then your revenue will increase.

What are Top Paying Survey Sites

There are many websites which provide a survey to earn money but some give a good value of money, with time.
In India, the number of top survey sites is a little less because this is a developing country. But we talk about the best websites.

1. Life Point Panel or Global Test Market

The website link is given below.
Yes, this is the first top site for survey in India, In India, it is called as “Life Point Panel”
In worldwide regions, its name is “Global Test Market”.

This is the best website to Earn money through Surveys. This site established in 1946 as National Family Opinion, NFO, and TNS which is the first study of this website. 
Lightspeed is also rank this website as the world’s largest custom research analysis website. This is today’s work in 70 countries with approx 5,000,000 community members.
Click to know more about How It Works.

In this website daily 2-3 survey comes, from different points like 25, 40, 65, 100, 150. And you can easily complete 1-2 per day and earn the point. These points are called LifePoints on this site. And 1 LifePoint is nearly equal to 1₹.
25 point survey takes around 15 – 20 minutes and 40 point survey also take around 20 minutes, 65 point’s survey can take 40-45 minutes and 100, 150 point survey takes around 1 hour to complete.
The minimum withdrawal from this website is of 340 lifepoint that will equal to 300 Rs. The other withdrawal are 560 points = 500 Rs , 806 point = 10 $ , 1560 point = 20 $ etc. | Life point survey | global test market
LifePoint Survey Dashboard

Some Key Features:

  • The number of daily survey opportunities is good that is 2-3.
  • Low chance to disqualify for a survey.
  • It gives a good value of money for any survey.
  • Minimum withdrawal is low.
  • The point after completing the survey is instantly received.
  • Take less time to complete any survey.
  • Take from either mobile or laptop.

Some Tip and Tricks ( Most Important ) :

Many sites tell about the best survey site to earn but tricks regarding completing the survey are be the same for all and you will never find for these tricks that I shall be going to tell you. so always follow these tricks on this LifePointPanel website to complete many surveys easily.
  • Please start your survey when you are fully free because this website needs much attention to the survey.
  • Please ensure to start a survey when survey notification comes in email as earlier.
  • Don’t use multiple accounts from one device.
  • Please make your virtual profile, don’t use purely real personal detail. Use your DOB in which your age falls in 20-24 years. That’s why because many surveys are targeting this age group.
  • All fill your current city which is the big city nearest you. 
  • Understand the topic of the survey and fill you’re some answer that matches that topic. Like if any survey is on Television,(that is many times mention at the starting of the survey) and question what equipment you own, so it necessary to choose television in that option. This understands will be built automatically when you work 1-2 months on survey sites.
  • (Imp) Please give 30 – 40 sec between each question during the survey.
  • (Imp) For 25, 40 point survey please give a 1 min gap in each question otherwise survey is disqualified.
  • Here I am sharing you some question that is always asked in the starting of a survey and if you answered it wrong, the survey will disqualify many times. 
  • If you find a question “Do you or any of your family members work in any of the following industries?” and the option is like Market Research, Manufacturer, Advertising, etc and at last ‘None of Above’ then always choose None of Above option. (See Below)
best paid survey sites, best online survey sites, tricks
LifePoints Tricks

    • When any question is about your last purchase of something then always choose the latest date like 3-4 months. (See Below)
    best survey sites, best paid survey, survey tricks
    LifePoints Tricks

    Payment Proofs of Life Point :

    Some payment proofs are Amazon gift cards. These payments come after a week of request.         

      I hope you understand about this survey site, You can click here to create your account and start earning from now.

      2. Rakuten Insight Surveys

      This is 2nd top website which really pays the good value for money. This site established in 2006. 
      This site gives sightly less survey than above but this site good in money withdrawal which can be easily transferred in Paytm and you also take in form of Amazon, Flipkart’s coupon.
      The minimum withdraws of money on this site is Rs 100 which equates to 100 EPoints.
      best survey sites, best paid surveys, Rakuten Insight Surveys
      Aip Survey

      Some Key Features:

      • The number of weekly survey opportunities is 2-3.
      • Low chance to disqualify for a survey.
      • It gives a good value of money for any survey.
      • Minimum withdrawal is low that is 100 rs.
      • Paytm option is available.
      • The point after completing the survey is instantly received.
      • There is no time boundation between each survey, so you complete the survey very fast.
      • you take a survey from either mobile or laptop.
      best paid survey sites, aip survey, trick, best online survey sites

      Rakuten Insight Surveys Dashboard

      I hope you understand about this survey site, You can click here to create your account and start earning from now.

      3. IndiaSpeaks

      This is also a good survey site which pays a good value of money.

      Click here to know more

      This site is best for survey but main drawback is it processing time for rewards is much late.
      It take a month to pay survey reward after processing.
      You can make approx ₹500 every month easily.

      4. i-Say Survey

      i-say survey

      This is also top survey site and survey also come much frequently.
      There is least chance to disqualify the survey.
      Some survey in this site can support only laptop not mobile device but some works on mobile also.
      The main drawback of this site that many survey come with very small money.

      Click here to open website and know more.

      There are many other top site, if want to know about it please comment below and share this post, If this post cross 1000 views, I will tell about more best survey websites.
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