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How to Avoid Phishing
Attack and Protect Your Accounts Online

Many of the people receive emails like Congratulations You Have Won 1 million $ or some of you may receive text messages on your phone saying that “Congratulations Your Number Won The Lucky Draw and give us your bank details here and we will deposit your money in your bank account”.

Many of us believe that it is true and they are lucky and we can solve our problems with that money and we give whatever the details they ask us like Bank Account Number/passwords/Credit/Debit card numbers and our Pin numbers. But at that time we don’t know that it is a fake message and by the time we realize that they are fake messages and it’s too late. Cyber Criminals will empty our bank account and we will not have any response from them.

This is known as “Phishing” which is the common method by which Cyber Criminals used to attack Common people.
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What is
Phishing Attack :

Phishing is a type of common attack by which a Cyber Criminal steals our money or personal information by pretending you to something that you trust.

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Phishing Attack
For example, you may get an email that asks you for your debit card number and its pin which seems to have been sent by your bank. Even if you open the link you get your bank webpage as it is. But it was sent to you by a Cyber Criminal but not your bank. If you enter even a single word it goes directly to Cyber Criminal but not to the bank. The email you get will make you trust it and enter your details. The Phishing attacks have so dangerous these days. They will mail you with the same logo, font and same as sent by a bank.


  1. Your bank or Credit Card Company will never ask you for your card number or pin number.
  2. If there is a link on the mail you got do not
    Click on it blindly since it takes you to a fake page which gives you the experience
    of the real page with the same LOGO, Information, Font size, and same columns as
    you get on the real page.
  3. The most important thing is you must see the
    address bar when you get the page. In the address bar, there must be the link
    which starts with https:// which is the sign of security. That’s mean hypertext
    transfer protocol security.
  4. And you must observe the address bar whether
    the address is your bank address or not.

No, the bank asks you to provide your bank details since all the banks are having the rules to not send an email or text message asking for your bank details.

Only trust https:// even you are not supposed to trust the site with http://

Make sure the address of the URL is having the correct spelling.

For example, you will get a site like instead of

Here there is a single letter difference that is “E” between the two web addresses. So you must check all those letters and even a single letter will harm your bank account.

So the simple way to check whether it is a Phishing page or not is you must check all the spellings carefully and make sure it is correct.

But the browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will automatically detect maximum phishing pages and give a message containing warning like below

“You have opened a Phishing page close it

All you have done but still some of us may have doubts to confirm whether it is a phishing page or real page. For this, you may go and check the URL on the site called PHISHTANK and paste the site which you want to verify. It sill gives you the correct answer. This website gives you the result as quickly as possible.

If you don’t have any bank account and if any mail or text message comes to you then you can confirm that it is a phishing page and tell your friends, relatives and family members not to respond to those kinds of emails or text messages.

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Phishing email


The main aim of this article is to educate and make people aware of a Phishing attack which is the common method used by Cyber Criminals and not to give a chance to even any Cyber Criminal to cheat anybody through Phishing. And if this article made you get some important points about phishing and useful for you please share this article with your circle and even make them educate and aware of how the Cyber Criminals steals our money and personal information and even this article may even helpful for your friends.

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