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If you are an android user then you always interact with your notification status bar every time. The notification menu contains your message notices. The notification section in android will be improving day by day in every android generation. 

If we compare the notification look in the initial Android version and the latest android version, android 10 and android 11. In these latest versions, there is a lot of improvement in the notification menu looks and feel. But if you want to customize more look, feel and functionality of the notification menu you can use many notification customizer apps like notification shade, notification design, one shade, material notification shade, etc.


In this post, we talk about popular Hoga Toga notification shade apps. So let’s see.

What is Hoga Toga Notification Shade?

Hoga toga is an online website that provides many apps reviews, tech news, Android tips tricks, etc. There is a popular app for the notification menu that is a notification shade. This app can help you to change your notification menu’s design, looks. 

Material Notification Shade App

Using this app you can add dark mode in the notification menu whether the dark mode is supported by your mobile or not. You can set instant replies of messages if your mobile or android version does not support it. You can also set different android notification themes like nougat android version theme, oreo, Pi, R, etc, android version theme.

This app is very low sized so this will run on your phone very smoothly without consuming very much RAM memory.

App Details:

App NameMaterial Notification Shade
DeveloperTreydev Inc
Launch Year
RequirementsAndroid 5.0+
DetailsAndroid notification material themes.
Size3.2 MB

Download Hoga Toga Notification Shade

Notification Shade is a very useful and interesting app and you also want to try it on your android phone. There is many material notification theme app, from those some of them listed below you can also check out those. If you want to download the Hoga Toga Notification Shade app, you can download this app directly from the Play Store or any other direct third-party website.

To download this app from the play store, you can search this app in the play store as Material Notification Shade App, then you can download this app. You can also follow below download button to download this app from the google play store.

Best Material Notification Apps

So, the above one is a popular HogaToga Notification Shade App, but there are many other nice apps to customize the notification menu of android. Some of the best notification apps are as follows:

1. Power Shade: Notification Panel & Quick Settings

This is also one of the best notification shade apps for android mobile, this app has a lot of features and customization that you will do in very easy setups. 


  1. Personalize notification bar with tons of available themes.
  2. Adjustable Grid Layout: Position your elements as you like.
  3. Supporteddark and transparent theme
  4. Set background wallpapers in the notification menu. 
  5. Blur effects, Advanced music, advanced chat system, and much more.

App Details:

App NamePower Shade: Notification Panel & Quick Settings
DeveloperTreydev Inc
Launch Year
RequirementsAndroid 5.0+
DetailsAndroid notification material themes and quick settings.
Size3.8 MB

2. MIUI-ify – Notification Shade & Quick Settings

If you like MIUI, Xiaomi’s Android ROM. MIUI is very popular and has so many features and material designs. But if you don’t have any Xiaomi, mi, Poco, Redmi phone then you don’t have this Miui in your android phone.

But if you want to use Miui like the Notification menu then you can use this app. This app provides you notification theme style same as MIUI 11, which looks very beautiful.


  1. Full-Color customization 
  2. Images and Icon packs
  3. Supported Apps, links, shortcut 
  4. 40+ quick settings
  5. Create your own theme
  6. Supported Buttom Status Bar like Vivo mobiles
  7. Supports dark mode etc.


Q: What is Hoga Toga Notification Shade?
Ans: These are apps for android phones to enhance the theme and functionalities of the notification menu.

Q: Are these apps are available on the Play Store?
Ans: Yes, of course. All apps mentioned above are available on the play store you can easily download these apps from the play store using the download button given above or manually by searching these apps in the google play store. 

Q: Are these apps are free to download?
Yes, all the apps are free to use, some apps may have in-app purchases, so if you want to unlock more features then you can.

Q: Are these apps are safe to use?
Yes, all the apps are safe to use. These all notification shade apps are available on the Google play store and verified by Play Protect.


Notification is a very important, essential, and more useful android widget, feature. Without a notification bar, our android mobile looks like a box. We can’t see what is going on in a different app. So many times we bored with the notification menu style and want to customize it. So you can use these apps to change, customize your android notification menu in your own way. 

Hope you will also try these apps. Please comment below and tell me how you like these apps and which type of app you want for your android phone.

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