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Android App Basic

Hello Friends,
Today is the world of android and almost people try to change any app data for this we can try many apps, tools.

One important thing is here that we can’t change source code which is generally written in java, C/C++, Python, etc. programming languages. But we can change other app’s metadata, XML files, by this we can change some components of the app and use them. By this method, you can
• Disable any activities of apps.
• Block in-app ads.
• Purchase paid app for free (also component which is inside the app.)
• Rebuild any app.
• Resign any app

Now we can think about why we don’t change source code of any app so this is because,
Apps which we download from the play store its consist of application metadata + bytecode (named as classes.dex, we can see by extract any app by any unzipper (like RAR, ES File Manager)).

How to root an android phone??

ByteCode is an intermediate code which not understand by anyone it is used by Dalvik Virtual Machine (JVM) which already installed in our mobile devices.

Do change the application data you can use the following apps.

For this, you can download this android app from here (Click here to download)
(Please bypass ads in this link and download.)
Another app (Click here to download)

Navigate app and use.
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