HogaToga Apps Download: Apps changes your Experience

Hello Everyone, Welcome to this post. Here we are today discussing Hoga Toga Apps which are very useful for your smartphone. These apps can change your working experience with your smartphone. So let’s begin with the Hoga Toga apps. You can also download these apps from this website. All links are mentioned below.

What is HogaToga?

First of all, a question arises what is Hoga Toga? So this is an online media content delivering a website that provides the latest Tech News, social media news apps Reviews, etc. This was founded in 2017. You can also download the Hoga Toga app, which is available over the internet and you can search it easily. It also lists some other apps which are very interesting which some of these also mention below.

Hogo Toga Apps

So, continue with this post for more information.

What is HogaToga App?

This is an online website that provides many App Reviews on their site. These apps which are listed there are very useful and maybe you never try these cool apps. Android users can also download Hoga Toga App from Playstore or simply from the App Deleverying side like ApkPure, ApkMirror by simply search is on your favorite search engine. So this app will provide you latest tech news, social news, mobile tech news, app reviews, etc. 
There are many Hoga Toga Apps like Hoga Toga live, Wallpaper app, WhatsApp Tracker, Nova Launcher app, Photos recovery app, IPL Live, Screen Lock App, Material Notification Shade, etc. These apps are so awesome you should try these apps.

HogaToga App free download

Hoga Toga is a very interesting app and it provides many latest tech news, social media news which being viral on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok. And the main feature is it provides app reviews which apps are very interesting and almost very few people know about them. To download the Hoga Toga App follow these steps:
  • Open Google.com
  • Then search for Hoga Toga Apk App Download
  • Go to any relevant site and download the APK file.
  • Now go to phone setting and then go to security
  • Then search for Unknown Source Installation And switch on this option
  • After that click on the downloaded APK file and install it.
You can also download the Hoga Toga App From Playstore:
  • Open PlayStore
  • Search for Hoga Toga App Download
  • You can Download Hoga Toga App Simply

App Details:

App NameHogaToga
DeveloperHoga Toga
Launch Year2017
RequirementsAndroid 5.1+
DetailsIts Provide the latest Tech, Social media, App reviews News

HogaToga Website

If you visit this site you can see very top categorize many interesting App Reviews like which app has which interesting feature, many top trending app reviews. Many apps have very awesome, amazing’s features that any normal user is not known. This site help to provide such interesting knowledgeable posts, reviews, and much more.

This website also has social media categorize tricks-related hacks, news which you can implement on your social network and learn a lot of tech knowledge from the site. Social media is growing very rapidly and almost all users over the internet are using these social media to spreads their opinion, reviews to others, and stay connected to each other. There is also an interesting quote for Human that is “Man is a social animal” which that means without we connect to our social environment we can’t survive. So this Hoga Toga is providing much of such social media news to which tell that what is running currently in the world.

List Of Hoga Toga Apps

Hoga Toga also lists many apps as we mention above. These apps ease your many tasks and help you so much. Here some Hoga Toga Apps:

1. HogaToga – Photo Recovery App

Photos are very important for us and in every android phone gallery, we have so many collections of our photos. And think about that if you lose by photo by any phone errors or any problem. This is very painful but doesn’t worry. Here is a very awesome Photo Recovery App which recovers your all photos in just 10 min by simply a click.
Even this app also recovers your other data like videos, pdf files, etc. But may some of these may be corrupted but in photo recovery, you don’t encounter these kinds of problems.
There are many photo recovery apps across the internet but very few of them are exactly working. Here we mention two good apps for a photo, file recovery in android.
  • Deleted Photo Recovery App: This is simple to use and is available free on the play store. This app support without root access to the phone.
  •  GT Recovery App: This is a very powerful Recovery App but it requires Root Access to the Device. This recover any deleted file in the android phone.

2. Gesture Lock Screen

This is also a very awesome app listed by Hoga Toga. This Hoga Toga Screen Lock helps you to set up a lock screen with a gesture to unlock the screen. You can set a gesture as a passcode for your lock screen or app lock. This feature looking in the android phone very advance and interesting.

Features of App:

  • Light Weighted Very small Size.
  • Consume less RAM
  • Supported full custom gesture.
  • In-build lock screen Wallpaper.
  • Also support Pin, Pattern lock.
  • In-Build App Lock.

3. HogaToga Whats App Tracker

Location sharing is awesome on the android device, by sharing your location with others so can he can easily navigate you. This app helps you to track any other Whats App friend location. This app tells you the current live location of anyone with the help of Whats App. 
This app available on the play store and the internet you can also download it.

4. Photo Editor App

We all do photo editing and we all keep searching for the best photo editor app on the internet. Here this hoga toga photo editor has very awesome features.
You can refer to this post for more awesome features of the pixel lab photo editor app.

Pixels Lab Photo Editor is awesome for writing any text on photo, background remover, etc. This is very easy to navigate the app and you can easily edit your photo. This app also contains many inbuild written Quotes, which you can use it for your editing.

This hoga toga photo editor is very popular nowadays, the main benefit of using this photo editor is that it is very simple and light weight app and you can make, edit any photo very easily and quickly.

If you want to know more about this photo editor app then you can refer this page. If you wish to Download this app directly from the play store you can follow below link:

5. HogaToga Triple A App

This is also a very nice and feature app. It helps to relax you from daily busy life and make you more comfortable in daily life. This is a highly complex and interactive visualizer app. 
You can make much visual Art design by inbuild so many effects. 


  • Supports 5 finger multi-touch.
  • In build Music Templates
  • Fastest Frame speed. (60FPS)
  • Small Size (14 MB)
This is a very relaxing app we can use it in your free time and relax during your work-break.

6. Screen Lock App

We all want to secure ourself and we use many password-protection on our android phone. Although there are many app locks available on the internet and play store. But are you know about the best app lock for your phone. Is your app lock is fully secure and you fully trust on your App Lock?
Here we are going to discuss which app lock is better than others, what factors can affect your app lock app’s performance.

Point to be Remember to use any APP Lock:

  • Check app locks apps permissions: Don’t Give any accessibility, notification access to the App Lock app that generally many app locks take, and can misuse your data.
  • Check that many app locks fail after force stopping the app. And the app doesn’t ask for any password.
  • Always choose less size of an app because the App Lock app runs every time on your device to lock the apps so if it has a heavy size then it takes a lot of RAM and slows down the performance of the device.
Here we recommend this Norton App Lock. As we all know that Norton is famous for making Antivirus Software and these are very powerful software to protect our device. So this App Lock also made by Norton Labs. 
This app runs on the device very smoothly and this is a very small size (only 3MB).  You can download this app from PlayStore from the below link:

7. Hoga Toga Wallpaper Apps

Many android users keep searching for the best wallpaper apps. So here we recommend a Wallpaper App which is very crazy and has many beautiful wallpapers for your android phone.

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The wallpaper on the mobile phone plays a very important role too, these can change the look and feel of mobile if we choose the best wallpaper.

Image Source: playstore 

You can prefer this Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper app which is easily available on the play store. This app provides us much beautiful static wallpaper and also provides the best live wallpaper. 

8. Hoga Toga Voice Changer

Call voice changer is also a very useful app. We all know that security is very important nowadays. So if you have any intruder call on your phone or you want to do pranks with anyone other you can use this Call Voice Changer Male To Female app. 

Call Voice Changer

These types of call voice changer apps are very popular nowadays. And many people also use these for entertainments purpose.

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App Details:

App NameCall Voice Changer Male To Female
DeveloperPIPER App Collection
Launch Year
RequirementsAndroid 5.0+
DetailsCall Voice Changer for entertainment purposes.
Size4.4 MB

9. Hogatoga Mobile Number Tracker

Mobile number tracking is being a very big deal. If you don’t know any good mobile number tracker then you away from a very important feature of android mobile.

This Find Mobile Number Location: Mobile Number Tracker app helps you to locate any of your devices in a very easy way. This app works on GPS technique so it locates any device very accurately. This app is very simple to use but works very efficiently.

App Details:

App NameFind Mobile Number Location: Mobile Number Tracker
DeveloperApps Dwell Technologies
Launch Year
RequirementsAndroid 4.4+
DetailsCall Voice Changer for entertainment purposes.
Size11 MB

10. HogaToga Whatsapp Tracker

WhatsApp Tracker is a very useful app for tracking anyone’s account last seen. This apps tells you that when any user comes online and how much time spend on WhatsApp. There are many WhatsApp Tracker app on the internet. Most of them are paid but some have some trial period use.

To know about these WhatsApp Tracker App you can follow this article. This helps you to download and set up this Whatsapp Tracker App. 

Be aware of these apps, WhatsApp officially doesn’t support such features nor app.

11. HogaToga Gogone Whatsapp Tool

WhatsApp is a very popular chatting platform that is owned by Facebook. So if you loved chatting and want any tool which enhances your chatting experience, then this Gogone Whatsapp Tool app is for you.

This app helps you in many ways like you can save WhatsApp status using this app, You can style emoji and make any beautiful pattern, you can also clean WhatsApp unwanted chats, images, videos, etc. So this can also work as Whatsapp Cleaner. You can also send a WhatsApp message to any person without saving that person’s mobile number in your contact.

App Details:

App NameGogone Whats Tools – New Features.
Launch Year
RequirementsAndroid 5.0+
DetailsTool for WhatsApp provides many tasks.
Size11 MB

Although there are a lot of apps to do many of WhatsApp’s tasks like a status saver, WhatsApp cleaner, WhatsApp tracker, WhatsApp chat styling, etc. But this app contains many of these features so you have no need to install different apps for different tasks.

12. Hoga Toga Material Notification Shade

Material Notification Shade helps you to beautify, design your android mobile’s Notification Menu. This Hoga Toga theme app can set the background image, color in the notification bar menu, and makes your notification bar so beautiful and cool.

This app has many inbuilt themes, blur effects, color combinations, best background images that you can set it directly in one click in your Notification Menu. This Material Notification shade app is of very small size around 3-4 MB, so doesn’t consume a lot of memory of your phone and works very efficiently. 

If you liked this app so much and want more features and options then you can also purchase its Pro Version from PlayStore. Now download this app from Play Store and tell us in the below comment section how much you like this app.

13. Hoga Toga Theme App: Notification Shade

This theme app is specially designed to customize and beautify the notification bar, a menu of your android mobile. This app contains many themes for your notification menu, that you if set for your notification menu then your notification menu’s look and feel will be changed.

The main and interesting feature of this app is that you can change, customize your notification menu fully as you want, you can add new widgets, icons, etc. And this is very easy to implement and takes very less RAM, CPU usage so it will run faster on your phone.

To download this app you can open your Play Store and then search “One Shade”. Then download the One Shade: Custom Notifications and Quick Settings App appear in the search results.

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Hoga Toga is a very interesting online tech, a social, apps news website which provides us very cool news, tip, and tricks related to technology. They list apps reviews and listed many Hoga Toga Apps which help android users fulfill his needs.

I hope you really liked these apps if yes please tell me in the below comment section. If you have any other queries or suggestions please tell me by comments.


Q: What is Hoga Toga?
Ans: Hoga Toga is an online media tech news delivering site.

Q: What are the Hoga Toga Apps?
Ans: This website list many android apps reviews as Hoga Toga Apps.

Q: When Hoga Toga launch?
Ans: In 2017 this was launch.

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