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Paperearn is a very amazing tech news, app review, and other tips trick delivering the website. This helps us to find many interesting tricks apps for mobile phones. Today in this post we also discuss some amazing apps for you which are very useful and you also sometimes hear about these apps.

So let’s begin with the list of amazing Paperearn Apps.

Best Paperearn Apps Download


  1. What is Paperearn?
  2. What are Paperearn Apps?
  3. List Of Paperearn Apps
  4. FAQs
  5. Conclusion

What is Paperearn?

As we discuss above Paperearn is an android, mobile, tips, and tricks website. This website also reviews many Android apps on their site and posts many features, how-to hacks, etc. This website was founded in 2019. And growing a lot day by day.

This website reviewed many Android apps that are very good and every user should be tried at once.

Are you want to know about these apps? If yes, so you are here in the right place. We below mention some of those apps which really very nice to use. You can also download these apps by the link given to each app.

What are Paperearn Apps?

These are the apps generally listed or reviewed by the Paperearn site. So here we also going to list some of those apps which are popular today. There main popular apps like Golden Zip Lock Screen, Gold Lock Screen app, WhatsApp Tracker, WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker, Magic Wallpaper, Live Wallpaper, battery photo charging apps, etc. Hope you will also enjoy these apps.

These apps are fully safe to use and also published on the play store. So you can download any of these apps from the play store. But on the play store, there are many apps with the same name so it may be a bit confusing to judge the real original app that you want to download.

So here we provide the original app download link with each app so you can follow those links and download your desired app from the play store.

List of Paperearn Apps

There are many paper earn apps to be downloaded but here are some most popular useful apps:

1. Golden Zip Lock Screen App

This gold lock screen app is the first and most popular app nowadays. This is also very useful for Android users. Hope you are using any app lock on your mobile phone. And many times we keep searching for different types of apps lock which look different from these normal app locks.

If you want such a different look and feel app lock then this app is for you. This app works like opening any zips of the bag, etc. This Paperearn Golden Zip Lock is working as normal as other app locks do but this app has some interesting ways to unlock the apps.

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Golden Zip App Lock

This app comes with many interesting inbuild theme which all looks unique. And by using these themes you easily decorate your lock screen look and feel.

App Details:

App NameGold Lock Screen
DeveloperPremium Zipper Lock Screen
Launch Year2018
RequirementsAndroid 5.1+
DetailsThe Lock Screen Apps with Zip unlock theme.
Size11 MB

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How to use this app?

This gold zip lock screen app is available on the play store for free and it is very easy to use. To use this app follow the following steps:

  1. First Download this app using the below link.
  2. Open the app, it asked for some permission like “Draw over other apps” etc. Grant that permission to this Golden Zip Lock App.
  3. After the main layout of this app will open.
  4. Now click on the first option to Enable Lockscreen.
  5. Now this Golden Lock Screen is active for your lock screen.
  6. You can also customize the layout if you want to do so by following the further steps.
  7. Click on a Setting option present on the Main Layout of this app.
  8. You can set a lock screen password and pattern from the first two options.
  9. You can also set Wallpapers from the Wallpapers option.
  10. You can also change Zippers Style from the option and set your favorite zip style.
Download Golden Zip Lock Screen App or Gold Lock Screen App APK:

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2. WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker

Whatsapp is a very popular app for chatting with others and we all always keep an eye on the last seen of others. The last-seen feature is very useful for us to monitor others. Many people want to monitor someone’s last seen and for that, they go and check last seen at different time intervals.

This WaStat – WhatsApp Tracker App helps you a lot with this task. This app helps to track different users ‘ last seen on WhatsApp without your efforts.

Be aware of these apps, WhatsApp officially doesn’t support such features or apps.

paperearn apps, whatsapp tracker, WaStat, whatsapp tracker download


  • Keep track of up to 10 users at all times.
  • Display all time intervals in an analog clock style.
  • Notify you when any of your friends came online on WhatsApp.
  • Collect All Online Data and analyze this data for 30 days.
  • Control yourself to go online and limits your WhatsApp uses.

App Details:

App NameWaStat – WhatsApp tracker
DeveloperPeanut Butter Inc.
Launch Year2020
RequirementsAndroid 5.1+
DetailsMost Accurate App for WhatsApp Last Seen Tracking.
Size13 MB

3. Magic Live Wallpaper

Wallpapers are the beauty of mobile phones, and almost all users tried to set a beautiful unique wallpaper on their mobile phones. Here this is a popular app that provides you a very beautiful Butterfly Live Wallpaper.

This is Live Wallpaper Magic Touch Butterfly. This is very amazing in the sense that it provides the best 3D, full HD effect of live wallpaper that is looked like a real scene in front of us.

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App Details:

App NameLive Wallpaper Magic Touch Butterfly
DeveloperThalia Photo Corner
Launch Year
RequirementsAndroid 5.1+
DetailsThe Best HD Magic Butterfly Live Wallpaper.
Size34 MB

4. Battery Charging Photo

Battery Charging photo app is a very cool app for Android mobile. This is like a battery level indicator app during the charging of the battery by the photo animation. You can set any photo in this app that will show with an animation effect when you plug in your charger.

This Battery Status app is available on the Play Store. So if you want to download this app then follow the below steps:

  1. Open your Google Play Store.
  2. Search for “Battery Charging Photo” in the Play Store.
  3. Click on the Battery Charging Photo app then click on Install Button.
  4. Open the app and set up some general permission then set any photo for the charging status indicator.
  5. Plugin your charger and check it’s working and looking very cool.

App Details:

App NameBattery Charging Photo
Launch Year
RequirementsAndroid 4.1+
DetailsThe Charging Photo Battery Indicator App.
Size6.4 MB


Q: What are Paperearn apps?
Ans: The App reviewed by Paperearn these apps you can download from the Play Store.

Q: Are these apps are safe to use?
Ans: Yes, all apps we listed above are fully safe and tested by the team of AbhiTech. All the apps listed above are published on PlayStore.


I hope these Paperearn apps are very useful for you and you enjoyed these a lot. If you have any other app idea which is also good please don’t forget to comment below. If you have any trouble using these apps then you also write below for your queries. I am always trying to resolve your queries.

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