Go India Chennai Event Answers Earn Free Ticket, KM

 Hello Friends, Google comes back with a very exciting Game Campaign this Diwali 2020. As we know Google Pay is a very leading payment platform and many users are currently using it. Google brings many offers from time to time on different occasions. Last year Google brought Diwali Offers on Google Pay and in New Year too they came with many offers for Google Pay Users.

Go India Google Pay Reward

In this post, I discuss Go India Google Pay Offers and also share many tips, tricks that help you to grab this Google Pay-Go India Offers easily.


What is Go India Offer?

This is Google Pay Reward Offer for Google Pay user, In this offer, some simple task is given to users and those complete this task in a deadline, they will receive some cash amount and e-vouchers of many services. Inside this game, you have to collect some coupons that help you to visit cities virtually inside the Game, and who visited all the cities in the duration of this offer can earn ₹101 to ₹501.

Duration of Go India Offer

Although all previous Google Pay offers didn’t have a long duration as this one has. This Reward Program valid to 25 Nov 2020. And I think this is a long as much previous Google Pay Rewards Offers had. During this period you have to complete your all task, i.e You have to visit all the cities mapped inside the Go India Game.

How To Play Go India Google Pay Game and Earn Offer?

This is a very simple and exciting game to play. In this you have to visit all the cities that mention in the game but to visit any city you want 2 things:
  1. Ticket: This is simply a ticket to that city, you should collect it in many ways as mentioned below. So if you have a ticket to that city then we may go to that city.
  2. KM: This is like the fuel of your vehicle. So in this Go India Game, you have another some KM points, these points help you to travel from one city to another city. You have to win these KM points in many ways as mentioned below. So when you want to go to another city the KM points deducted from your account. And you want the same amount of KM points as the distance is between your current city to the destination city.

How to Play This Game

To start this Go India Champion Game Reward, you have to install Google Pay App, If you don’t installed then install it from the play store, and if you have then check for an update first then proceed below steps:

  1. Open Google Pay App and setup all account configurations like a bank account, UPI, etc.
  2. After Successful setup restarts the app and scroll to the bottom.
  3. Click on the Go India icon option if you don’t see this option then wait some time and try after some time later.
  4. Next Click on the ENTER GAME Button.
  5. Then click the start playing button and this gives you some initial tickets and KM points.
  6. Next, you asked for choosing a city to start, you can choose any of the cities but choose that city which is near to more cities, that helps you later to visit another city.
  7. Now you visited one city.
  8. Then collected the rewards, if any.
  9. Now visit another city which is nearest to your current city and you have a ticket for that.
  10. After this you finish the initial steps, now you want some more KM and Tickets to visit more cities.

These are some simple steps to start this Go India Game, If you want to earn a reward so you have to visit all the cities on the map, you can also check your Map which shows your current progress and shows all the cities. To earn more tickets and KM please follow the below methods and tricks.

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How to Earn More Tickets and KM in Go India Offer?

To earn these tickets and KM you many options like sharing, payments recharges, etc, you can follow these methods:

To Earn Tickets:

  • Share a Go India Photo or Map: This is a very simple and easy way to collect a ticket, to complete this you can go to your map and click on the share button then share it with you friends, family, so in return for it you receive a ticket of any random city. This option work one time daily.
  • Mobile Recharge: You can also earn these tickets using doing mobile recharge on any mobile number with any amount.
  • Pay on Google Play: If you interested in buying any apps or any other things from Google Play then you can recharge or spend on Google Play Store using Google Pay and you got a ticket.
  • Pay To Online Merchant: You can earn 3 tickets by doing a payment above ₹30. Like on online food, clothes, etc.
  • Pay bills: You can pay you DTH, Electricity, Post-paid, etc bill via Google Pay with more than ₹100 and got some tickets.
  • Buy Gold or Pay on Make My Trip: You can also earn more tickets by buying gold of more than ₹100 online or you can pay on MakeMyTrip with a minimum of ₹100.

To Earn KM Points:

  • Daily Gift: You can earn some KM points daily on the first opening of the Go India Game.
  • Pay to Your friends: You can earn points on paying some money with your google pay account. You can earn 2 different KM points one for paying to Google Pay account and another to pay on any UPI ID.
  • Transfer to any Bank Account: If you have more than 1 account in any bank and you are using UPI on that account then you can transfer money from one account to another bank account. So in this, you collect some KM Points.
  • Gift a city ticket: If you have any extra city ticket then you can share it with your friend and return it you will receive some KM points.

Some Additional Tip To Trick to Earn Free Tickets/ KM Points

The above method helps you to collect more tickets, KM Points. Please following tips to optimize your Game Championships :

  • Always try to visit the nearest city first where you currently have. If you don’t have any nearest city ticket and have any far city ticket then try to collect those tickets first and don’t use any far city ticket to visit, whenever you have visited the city near you then go for another far city.
  • This helps you to use your KM points in the right way else you need so much KM Points to visits all the city.
  • Keep daily login to Go India Game and collect daily ticket and KM points.
  • Share your map with your friend daily basis and collect some KM points.
  • Daily visit on Freinds section in the game and check available KM points to be collected. 

Go India Chennai Event Answer

As we know during this Google Pay-Go India Game championship google introducing so many events in this game. You can earn rare tickets, some cashback, extra KM, etc, by attending these events in the Go India game. These events contain 5 general questions and you need you to answer these questions. As you answer as much your answer will correct you got some reward like KM, Tickets, Money Cashback.

If you answer all 5 questions correctly then there is a chance to win some money cashback and any rare ticket that you looking for. So here we provide all questions regarding this Chennai Event.

Event Details:

Date16th Nov 2020 to 18th Nov 2020
Rewards10 to 100, City Ticket, KM
Cost to GoChennai Ticket, 1400 KM

Here Go India Chennai Event Answer Key. These questions are updating from time to time, So keep patient if there are not all questions appearing.

Some Questions are Updating soon

Go India Chennai Event Quiz All Answers

  1. Sweet Dishes
  2. Go Help Inside Google Pay App
  3. Chennai Cantt.
  4. All of Them
  5. Monuments of Mahabalipuram
  6. Apo
  7. Kollywood
  8. Marina Beach
  9. Kanjivaram Saree
  10. Mahabalipuram

Go India Chennai Event All Full Question and Answer

Question 1: Jangiri, Appam & Rava Kesari are all examples of
Answer: Sweet Dishes

Question 2: Which of the following is a popular dish in Chennai?
Answer: All of them

Question 3: Your shop for a saree at your favorite store by scanning the QR code on the counter. You need to call Google Pay Customer care for the transaction’s details. Ho will you find customer care?
Answer: Go to help inside Google Pay App

Question 4: Not a popular drink in Chennai?
Answer: Apo

Question 5: Chennai film industry?
Answer:  Kollywood

Question 6: Which UNESCO World Heritage site is located near Chennai?
Answer: Monuments at Mahabalipuram

Question 7: Which of the following is not a railway station in Chennai?
Answer:  Chennai Cantt

Question 8: Which type of saree would you be buying from Tamil Nadu?
Answer: Kanjivaram Saree

Question 9: In Chennai, you are walking down the world’s second-longest urban beach. Where are you?
Answer: Marina Beach

Question 10:
Answer: Mahabalipuram


I hope you complete your Go India Game Champion Reward and earn more amount. Hope these tricks and method helps you a lot, please comment below if this really helps you. 

Please share your Go India Game current status in the below comments. 

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