How to resolve Slow Internet??

Nobody feels good about a slow internet connection. Usually, users think of taking a technician’s help in getting rid of this problem. I would suggest you to try your hands, before calling for a help and spend a huge fortune for it. Let us cite few things that you can do and save some money in your pocket.

  • Run an antivirus scan. There are chances that your antivirus software will remove the trouble making agents sitting in your computer.
  • Unplug the modem and plug it back. Resetting the modem may solve this problem.
  • System restore is another great solution. This will bring the system back from the changes that would have happened and causing the slow performance of the internet.
  • Remove the temporary files from your system frequently, which otherwise could be the cause of the slow internet. Also, have some space free in your hard disk.
  • If nothing seems to solve this problem, then check with the internet service provider and make sure that nothing is wrong at that end.



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