How to Start a Blog using Blogger – Full Guide

Starting a blog is not something that requires a team of technology experts, a lot of money, or a team of staff writers.
  • Recently heard about blogging?
  • Want to start a blog today?
  • How to be successful in blogging?
  • Do you have a passion that you think others might be interested in reading about?
  • Does your passion translate into something that you can generate quality content around?
  • Is your passion making money with a blog?
If you have these some questions in your mind, You’re in right place, my starter guide will let you create a professional blog.

Because in nowadays blogging become a business not only a passion for people, so you may do blogging in a very smart way. 

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Start a blog


We see many blogs hit the web every day. Some of them are very popular and earn a lot from those blogs. But many of us thought they could get rich in a day, some thought they could get online and the world would show up instantly, and many just lose the drive to do the work.
Blogging is a journey, it’s a big game. You need to do it continuously.
Don’t think to become bigger within overnight. Million’s of mile journey starts from a single step, so it will take some time and efforts to become a successful blogger.
To become a professional blogger, you should take a strong decision. Doing is easy but making a decision is so hard. 

Patience – Primary Key for Blogging

The goal here at Perfect Blogging is not to get you up and running and to leave you hanging without the tools necessary to be successful.

If you can’t wait and want to get success in blogging, that’s not possible. You need to work regularly and keep waiting for the result.

So follow this post and other posts too.  Not only will we provide you the initial steps to get online we will also be available to help you get your site online – FREE!

Key: Patience is very important for a blog, i.e. Success is not achieved in a day!

Guide to Getting Your Blog Online

1. Pick a niche or topic you want to blog about!

When selecting a topic that will be blogging about you need to consider several factors or you will end up giving up on your site before you really get going.  

pick a niche, start a blog, how to choose niche for blog, top blogging niche
Pick a Niche

I suggest putting a list together of topics and niches you find interesting enough for you to develop a site around.  Now go through the list and start brainstorming ideas surrounding each option and see which one provides the most initial creation of sub-topics for you.

You can also do some research on your favorite topics by many keywords research tools is free.
I advise you to go through the Google Keywords Planner, Google Trends, etc, tools that are totally free and the best tool.

If you want how to start with Google Keywords Planner tool is free so, CLICK HERE FOR FULL GUIDES

This little exercise allows you to quickly see what topics would let you create content, build up the site, and gain readers.

Now you don’t have to blog for money.  You can blog for fun, for family, for a hobby, or for your own personal goals.  What do you want to get out of your blog?  Do you want this to be a business or a hobby?  Are you willing to commit the time and resources to a blog if you wish to treat it as a business?

Key: Always choose a niche of your blog that you are interested in!

How to Research a niche for your blog?

This is a very important step and I think this is the first step and it built your full blogging career. Many beginners just see other’s who are making the good conversion from the blog and start with the same niche and think they also being successful but they wrong.

Don’t start your blog on any random niche because it never a good idea. So now first explores your favorite niche and think how many how content you deliver through your blog. 

Classify, Explore your subcategories too related to the niche which fits your knowledge. Now you can do research and see how much people engaging the niche.

First, do research through Google Trends. As we know google is leading Search Engine so it provides full previous history data of topics that searched on google.


  1. Firstly open 
    Google Trends Landing Page
  2. Now enter your niche topic in the search bar, for example, if we want to start a blog on mobile reviews, so we can search many terms like mobile phone, mobile reviews, upcoming android phone, etc. that suit my niche.
  3. Now filters the result, first change location, you can choose worldwide to see all country data. You can also change the time range for wide research we choose 2004 to present.
    Enter any Topic and apply filters

  4. After analyzing the results, as you can see here I search for android reviews. The graph for this topic is going to the downside that means the searches are decreasing. So we can conclude that in the future this topic will not much give many conversions to me, so I can do fewer efforts on this topic instead of we find the
    best subtopics in the same way.

  5. After doing this research you can make the best topics list and start working on that.

  6. The last you can do further research keywords related to these topics, these help you to wring blog post, that is you need later. 

2. How do I choose a domain name?

Great mistakes always newbies do, that is they choose the wrong domain name. Choosing the wrong domain name will penalize you later.

Your domain name is going to be how your site is identified and found on the web. Finding a perfect name can be difficult so you need to follow some simple guidelines so you select a solid name.  

One of the biggest reasons to select a paid domain as opposed to a free blogging platform is so you can have control of your site address and content. And your website address becomes user engaging so it gives good CTR/ Conversions.

  • Don’t over complicate your domain name. Shorter is better.
  • Memorable and easy to spell.  Don’t want confusing or random names people won’t remember.
  • Keep it focused on your topic.  If your blog is about cooking don’t have your name focused on shopping.
  • Try your best to stick to a .com convention or .net if you can’t get version.
  • Avoid using trademarked names. Sports teams, products, companies, etc.  You don’t want to develop a site and lost it due to a trademark issue.
  • With the number of domains registered the odds of finding a perfect name might be a bit slim.  One word dictionary terms are probably already gone, but think of catchy names, your own name if you want to create a brand, combine a couple of words together, add something before or after a word you like.

Tip: Don’t take Domain with exact keywords, mix it with other words.

There are many tools used by web developers to research and select domain names, but that is a very large topic that involves research and digging.

I will cover some of these options on a separate page dedicated to tools used when you get more serious about creating sites.

3. Where To Get Domain & Hosting? AND How To Choose The Best Hosting?

It’s a factor!
Sometimes Hosting Depends on your success. Strongly Server response time,  Bandwidth, Uptime, and Downtime, Quick Redirection will make your brand popular as you want. Choosing a bad hosting company can destroy your blogging carrier, so aware of this.
Now, the question is Where to get Domain and Where to Host My Blog?
You can choose any hosting service as your budget allow, you can see reviews for that and you can easily check whether any hosting is good or not. 
Don’t go for the very cheapest hosting service which can create some problems later. 
You can try Hostinger, BlueHost, A2 Hosting, etc. These can provide very good services.


It is a really awesome hosting provider that provides Domain+ Unlimited Hosting+Email+24*7 Support at an Affordable price. Whenever you will start your first blog, don’t waste money by paying extra for another hosting.
Save money using Hostinger hosting service. They offer affordable rates for novice bloggers. I used their service for more than 2 years, really dedicated service they offered! Whenever I faced any problem with my site I knocked them, They solved within few minutes. They helped me with a quick response at any time. I never faced server problems especially bandwidth limit problems on Hostinger. Their expert team always ready to help their clients. 


WordPress, Blogspot, Joomla, Drupal are the most popular CMS in the industry. Joomla and Drupal have few limitations to make a blog. In Joomla, you need to know a2z, especially coding.
But in WordPress, it’s easy to install, and maintain a blog is easier than install. Everything can do by plugins. So, you don’t need huge experience, especially coding is not mandatory to maintain a WordPress Blog.
In all hosting services, you can install WordPress in just one click that saves your time.
So there are 2 options WordPress and Blogger, which one better?
WordPress is best in all but for using WordPress you need a hosting service. But for Blogger you don’t need any hosting, so many users also prefer Blogger as CMS because it is totally free.
If we have your budget and want to create a professional blog then go for WordPress.
Here you provide a complete setup for both of these.

How do you make a blog? Using Blogger -FREE

To make a blog, First, make the content strategies in your mind, i.e whats topic you will be covered in your blog, do some small research via Keyword Planner tools, like Google keywords planner that shows you a basic idea about your topics that how the user search those topics on search engines, and how much user go with that topic i.e. how much traffic on those topics.
I think you do these things in the above steps.
Now go to and create a blog.

1. Choose Your Blog Name

Before Starting to create a free blog you should choose your niche(Your blog subject such as web design, Best photography, Fashion Blog, Food blog, students talk that you very well).
I mean, if you have depth knowledge about Engineering then create a blog related to this. Because, after creating a blog, you have to read, write, and discuss this. So, Choose your blog subject, which about you have a better idea. 
As we mentioned above that how to choose your niche, so you can name you to blog anything that looking catchy and describe your blog.

make a blog, start a blog, blogging, step to start a blog free
Create a blog on Blogger

If you want to know How to do Keywords Research on any tools CLICK HERE

Keep Remember during this step:
  • Create your blog name that is relevant to your blog.
  • Choose any best subdomain provided by that platform, and start designing your blog like the theme, layout, menu, etc.
You passed the first step, your blog is created but you are not running yet fully. To make it live and user-friendly, you must change several settings.
This time you are on Blogspot Dashboard where you will find the blog backend. To increase user visibility go to Settings and make some changes.

2. BlogSpot Blog Full Configuration

Posts: This section will show you all posts, to create your first post click on New Post.
Stats: Here you will find all information about your Traffic/visitors. You can get details about increase your blog traffic
Comments: Here you can see the different comments that any user does on your posts.

Earning: All bloggers have a dream to make money from blogging. In this section you can monetize your blog via Google Adsense, Directly you can apply for Adsense via But you can do this after some time(2-3 months) when your blog keeps growing.
Also, you can monetize your blog via Google Adsense alternatives add network.  It’s recommended by me, Don’t apply for any publisher ads network without more relative and unique content.
Pages: Your all pages here, like contact-us, about-us, terms and conditions, etc. To create a new page click on the link of Create a new page 
Layout: It’s an important part for users, to give a good structure via the Layout option. By using this you can arrange website content arrangement.
Template: Storage of HTML template,  also you can edit your current template by clicking the Edit HTML button. You can download any good template and apply that so your blog becomes more beautiful and user friendly.
Settings: Here you will find the settings of the entire blog.

Some tips for blogger users:

  • Start writing content on your blog that’s are related to your niche.
  • When your blog has 10-15 posts then purchase a custom domain from any platform and setup with your blog.
  • Then submit your site to Google Search Console and wait for indexing, It may take at least 7 days.
  • And when some traffic starts coming from google you may go for your website monetization like AdSense.
So these are some basic steps to create a blog on This platform is very good for beginners because it is free and simple to use.


What does it cost to start a blog?

That totally depends on yourself. You can also start your blog with no investment, totally free.

start a blog, cost of blog, blogging
Cost to start a blog

If you buy a domain name – it found around $10 – $15 for one year.

For Web Hosting – Ranges from $3 to $10 a month with lower prices coming with long term agreements. Most web hosts offer a 14 – 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t pleased with the service or if you just change your mind.

Premium Theme
– If you decide you want to go with a slightly more advanced or unique theme you can look into thousands of paid options ranging from a few dollars to a few thousand.  There is no need to do this when you are getting started, but good to know down the line if you ever want to get a bit more unique with your site.

In total, you can get started in your first year for around $50.  That is a very small investment to make in yourself and the potential to create a nice business for yourself.

I think you may like this post if we have any questions please do comment.

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Thanks a lot.

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