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Instagram is a very fantastic and popular social media platform. This platform is for sharing photos and videos with your friends. As from some time short videos popularity increases day by day and maybe this is the right time to make short videos on Instagram. Instagram is also started supporting short videos to express your creativity.

Today we are going to tell you some Best Instagram Reels App that helps you a lot to make your Instagram reels videos so much exciting in fewer efforts. This app is very useful to save your time in making, editing your short videos on Instagram Reel by own. So let’s see.


What is Instagram Reels?

Unlike TikTok is used in making short videos, after much popularity of this app, Instagram also released Instagram Reels Feature in Instagram Account. So after the Tik Tok ban, these Instagram Reels features are starting gaining popularity. These Instagram Reels feature also providing short making videos on the Instagram account and you can edit at in same time then you can publish it in your account.

How to Make Instagram Reels?

To use this feature on Instagram first you need the latest version of Instagram, your can first update your Instagram app from Google Play Store if you not have to do it yet. Then follow the below steps to make your Instagram Reels:

  1. First Open your Instagram account and log in with your account.
  2. Scroll right, from the feed menu, or simply click on the plus icon (Your Story) appear above of feeds.
  3. After the above step, the camera becomes visible in the Instagram app.
  4. Now select the Reels option to appear at bottom of the screen and click on the Get Start Button.
  5. Now select any music from the music library, this will become background music for your video.
  6. Record your video and after you can apply the filter, slow motion, text, etc.
  7. At last, select your preferences and share your Reels with your friends.

Best Instagram Reels Apps

There are a lot of apps for creating short videos. Here I listed some apps which can help you in making your Instagram reels.

1. InstaReels: make fun insta reels and videos

This is a very useful and popular app for making Instagram Reels. This app helps you to edit, record your reels video. This is a very simple and light-weighted app for making reels video. 

This app doesn’t contain so many editing features but fine, it can support loop effect, etc, that really very fantastic.

2. Reels – Short Video Maker

This is the second good app for Reels making, it has some more features than the first one. This app has a layout somewhat like the Tik Tok app. That’s why it also easy to navigate and you can easily make any short video. In this app, you can also see and watch other user’s reels, videos. So this app really fantastic.

3. Instagram Reels Editor – Video Editor for Reels

This is the third similar kind of app, this app gives you many options to edit your video reels. In this app, you can add background music, add effects in reels, slow or fast the video, etc. Besides these editing features, this app also gives you many other features like compress any video or reels, convert video reels to gif format, rotate, cut the video, and many more.

So this app supports many features and works fully offline for free.


Q: What is Instagram Reels?

Q: How to make Instagram Reels?

Q: What are the best apps to make Instagram Reels?


Short video making and watching are being very popular nowadays, so we many times searching for the best apps for this. So above we talked about some popular and best Instagram Reels making apps for android mobile. These apps fast and easy your Instagram Reels making process. 

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