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There are a lot of apps available over the internet and play store or any other app stores. Mobile apps are a very important tool for us to solve many problems and they help to communicate with others.

There are thousands of apps on the Google Play store of the same type and they do the same type of work so it is somewhat difficult for us to judge the best apps for us. So don’t worry about that because I’m here to provide the best apps for you. 

So today we are going to tell you about some technewztop app and provide you all downloading links and full reviews of these apps. Basically, technewztop is an online website which reviews some app and these apps are good and have very nice features too, so many users are looking for these apps. So in this post, we will cover up all those popular apps. Hope you also liked these apps a lot.


What is Technewztop?

Technewztop is online tech news, app reviews, android tips and tricks, social news, etc delivering the website. you can find many android app reviews on Technewztop’s official website. These apps are really very useful and awesome to use. And many users are not aware of these apps and missing these apps’ features.

So the apps that are reviewed by these kinds of websites, those apps are being popular so many users want to download these apps so here you can find all of these apps.

What is Technewztop App?

There is not any official Technewztop app available on Google Play Store. So you can only visit this website to get information. There are many popular apps reviewed by this website, so you can download all of those apps from the play store. 

There are technewztop apps like Whatsapp status saver, technewztop stylish keyboard, stylish font keyboard, call apps, technewztop notification bar, time lock app, etc.

How to Download Technewztop App?

To download any technewztop app you can download those apps from the play store, or you can simply refer download option given below with all the app. These apps are free to use and available on the Google Play Store. 

Because there is not any official android/iPhone app for technewztop but you can save any website by chrome as an app on your mobile phone. If you want to save or download this technewztop app or any other website app you can follow these steps from your mobile:

  1. Open your Chrome App and open this website. (eg:
  2. After opening that website click on the corner menu ()option.
  3. Then click on the “Add to Home screen” option.

  4. Then click on the “Add” option.
  5. Then go to your home screen and check the app shortcut.

Best Technewztop Apps to Download

There are many apps that are reviewed by technewztop website, but here we provide some more popular and useful apps for you. So these are some Best Technewztop apps:

1. Technewsztop Whatsapp Status Saver App

WhatsApp is a very popular social media, messaging chat app. WhatsApp is very important for us to chat with our family, friends, and relatives. And we always keep watching status on the Whatsapp app. Many times we want to download, save any other’s status on our phone. But WhatsApp officially doesn’t provide any option to download the status.

But if you want to download any other’s WhatsApp Status you can use any status saver app. So this Whatsapp Status Saver app is very useful to save, download status very easily.

App Details:

App NameGogone Whats Tools – New Features.
Launch Year
RequirementsAndroid 5.0+
DetailsTool for WhatsApp provides many tasks.
Size11 MB

This app contains many other features too like WhatsApp’s tasks like a status saver, WhatsApp cleaner, WhatsApp tracker, WhatsApp chat styling, etc. so you have no need to install different apps for different tasks.

2. Stylish Font Keyboard

If you loved to style your mobile phone fonts then this app is basically for you. Many times you can see during chatting on the WhatsApp app many users can send their message in different font styles so all they have done by this kind of stylish keyboard.

So this Stylish Font Keyboard helps you to customize and style the message fonts, after using this app your massage will look very beautiful.

The main benefit of using this app is that this is a very small size of the app (only 3 MB). And this app supports many font styles and emojis that look very beautiful.

App Details:

App NameFonts – Emojis & Fonts Keyboard
DeveloperFonts LLC
Launch Year
RequirementsAndroid 6.0+
DetailsFont Styling Keyboard App.
Size3.1 MB

3. Technewztop Volume Booster

Technewztop Volume Booster is a very interesting and useful app, it provides you to boost your mobile phone volume. Many Android mobiles don’t have a loud volume that creates many time problems for us.

This app basically amplifies the volume of the mobile phone. Many time some song or videos has less volume even if your mobile has loud volume phone but it became insufficient to you. So if you have this volume booster app then you can boost some of the volumes by this.

This app is very easy to use and is of very little size. So it will works on your phone very efficiently. 


Question: What is Technewztop?

Question: Is Technewztop is available on Google Play Store?

Question: How to download the Technewztop app?

Question: Is these apps are safe to use?


There are a lot of websites that review such kind of apps, Technewztop is one of them. This website also provides reviews of apps available on the Play Store. These apps are very popular these days and we are here to help you to give some detail of these apps with the play store downloading link. Hope you also liked these apps. 

If you have any questions or opinions so please comment on me below. You can also check out these kinds of posts from this site. Thanks for reading. 

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