What is Smmsky, Smmsky co App? Is Download Safe?

There are a huge collection of apps and website over the internet and these are developed for the users to short out their problems and make their life easier. Smmsky, Smmsky co is also among them. As there are a lot of apps so that there are difficult to judge which app is good for us and which is not safe for us.In this post, we are going to tell you about Smmsky co, a pirated app downloading site that provides many cracked apps, and can provide some special features that normal apps don’t provide us such features. So after this post, you are able to judge which apps are safe for you and which are dangerous for you.
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Smmsky App Download Site


What is Smmsky, Smmsky Co App?

There are a lot of websites that provide mobile apps. There are basically two categories of apps –

  • The first one is Official Apps which are the original app that the app developer officially provides to users. These apps are totally safe for us and there is huge transparency in the app, i.e. these apps totally clear about how the data of the user can be protected, etc.
  • The second one is Mod, Cracked Apps: These are similar to the original app but these apps contain some additional features that are officially not recommended by official apps. These apps can be harmful to us sometimes but this can be totally dependent upon that app.
Smmsky is a website that provides these cracked, mod apps for Android/iPhone mobiles. This Smmsky App is a very dangerous app that contains many malicious files, and viruses, and use to hijack your browser.This website contains apps that have some special hacking features, like game-hacking apps, cracked apps, etc. These apps can steal your data. After reviewing this site we conclude that this website was designed to collect user data and after misuse of these data. Second, this website is totally designed to earn money by promoting these apps.Read Also: How to Avoid Phishing Attack, Cyber Attack?

What are the Cracked Apps?

The apps that can design by modifying official apps and add some extra features and files with it, then this kind of app becomes cracked app, sometimes called Mod apps.

After modifying the apps these apps contains some special permissions that if granted to them then these apps access your sensitive information, data like your location, device id, name, email, and many times even password or banking information. After that, these apps can sell your data or misuse your data in any way.

Is Smmsky, Smmsky co Safe for us?

No, Not at all, this is not safe for you. We never recommend you use this kind of apps. There are many blog post, youtube videos that support this Smmsky app to use, this is because of two reasons:

  1. They can never use their personal device to use this smmsky app and many of them are experts in programming and know-how of this app designed.
  2. A website like Smmsky or others directly offers some paid promotion to do that.

If you looking for Game Hacking Apps please refer to this post, These apps for totally safe and help you to hack your games: Best 10 Game Hacking Apps For Android

How to Remove Smmsky, Smmsky co Virus?

This is very easy to remove, and avoid the Smmsky virus from your device. If you never visited the Smmsky website (www.smmsky.co), then you are already safe remember in the future to never visit this website and not download, or inject any app into your device.

But if you visited the Smmsky co website in the past and download some apps, then you need to remove all apps first from your device and after that clear cookie and website data from your browser. in chrome you can do these steps:

  1. Click on the right corner 3 dot icon, i.e. menu icon in your Chrome browser.
  2. Then Go To the Settings option.
  3. Click on Safety Check.
  4. If there is any issue then Chrome detects that and please review and solve those issues.
  5. Then click on Privacy and Security.
  6. Select Time Range to All time and check on “Cookies and other site data”, and also check on “Cached images and files”.
  7. Then click on the Clear Data button.

These steps can delete all the site data that you visited so if there are any harmful files Smmsky will also be cleaned by these steps. Make sure after doing this step some auto-fill data can be deleted so keep doing it if you wish.

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How To Download Smmsky App?

If you want to download these harmful, malicious, virus apps at your own risk. Then you can follow the below steps:

  1. Open your browser, make sure the browser doesn’t contain your personal information like email, password, debit card details, etc.
  2. Visit http://www.smmsky.co and then search for your desired app that you want to download.
  3. Click on that app and perform some given tasks like downloading some other app to unlock the app.
  4. After that, your app is successfully downloaded.

Smmsky App Details

App NameSmmsky.co
App TypeWebsite

Some Popular Smmsky App List

There are a lot of listed on the Smmsky website that are specially made to target the users to use their data. Here is the list of some popular apps but don’t visit Smmsky. co website to download these apps.
S.NoApp NameDeveloperApp Details
11998 Cam1998 Cam TeamPremium Unlocked
28 Ball Pool8 Ball Pool TeamUnlimited Money, Extended Lines & More
3Amazing SpiderMan 2Marvel TeamNo Jailbreak or Root Required!
4Instagram++Rocket TeamNo Jailbreak or Root Required!
5Messenger++Messenger TeamNo Jailbreak or Root Required
6MinecraftMinecraft TeamFree Download & Mods
7Location SpySmmskyFor hiding the current location
8Text SpySmmskyFree Download & Mods
9Google Meet++SmmskyMod app for Google Meet
10Download SpySmmskyFree Download & Mods


Q: What is Smmsky App?  Ans: Smmsky is a website that provides many cracked, unauthorized dangerous apps, and software.

Q: Is App like Smmsky safe for us? Ans: No, not at all. It’s your choice to use it. But we never recommend using such kinds of websites, apps, or software. These apps, and websites can steal your data or attack your device.

Q: Is This App for Android Or Ios? Ans: Smmsky is a website so you can use it on every platform and this website provides all kinds of apps for Android, iPhone, windows, etc.


Not only Smmsky, Smmsky co but there are many websites also like Tinder++, io apps, etc that provide these dangerous virus apps that can harm you. Today these websites and apps are popular because the user doesn’t know the truth behind these apps and see only features that these app provided that are totally fake.

So always try to download apps from Play Store, if you have some knowledge in this field then before downloading any app from these kinds of apps make sure you do proper research and then download these apps at your own risk.

If you liked this post please share it with your friend circle that can be helpful for them also. Thanks for reading. Please comment below and tell me about any queries or suggestions if you have.

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